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  • Total 5.6+ years of Experience in Dashboard Development & Report Designing / Development Skills.
  • Good hands on Experience in Qlikview 9, 11, SQL Server, Oracle, Visual FoxPro(9.0)
  • Strong knowledge on Databases like SQL Server2005/2000, Oracle and Oracle10g/9i.
  • Expertise on ERP Designing and optimizing the same.
  • Extensive knowledge on Migration Process.
  • Expertise on Administration utilities such as creation of profiles, Publication, groups, users and their security access levels.
  • Having good knowledge on performance techniques and error free reports.
  • Extensive knowledge on reporting using various kinds of Data.
  • Expertise on testing the reports.
  • Good hands on experience in optimizing the reports, queries.
  • Good working knowledge on creation reports using various data providers.
  • Quick learner and excellent team player, ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Possess excellent Analytical abilities and technical skills and ability to learn new technologies.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and hard working, result oriented team player inclined towards achieving career goals and enterprise objectives.


Educational Qualification:

Master of Computer application from  ….. University during the year 2006-07.

Other qualification


Professional Experience:

 (Company name) is a Company providing ERP solutions, Having 11450 Clients all around the world. This Product is ERP System.
Currently Working as a Team Leader of a team (size 12 members), since Aug-2000 to Till Date. Handling around 20 Clients in INDIA as a Technical Consultant.
  •  Worked as Jr. Software/Report Developer from Aug-2000 to July-2008.
  •  Working as team Leader and Sr. Software/Report Developer from Aug-2008 to till date.
  •  Working Experience in T-SQL (SQL SERVER 2000/ 2005 / 2008 R2 / 2012).
  Job Responsibilities:
  •  Understand Requirement, Analysing Systems and Source Databases.
  • Data Modelling using Dimensional Modelling, Star Schema, Snowflake schema
  • Writing Complex Queries & Store Procedures
  • Designing & Development of Analysis Reports, Charts, Scorecards, Dashboards
  • Designing of Parameterize Reports with conditional formatting, sorting, running totals, variables, collections/arrays, groups, group selection, and summary reports
  • Unit Testing and Performance Tuning of all the report in order to reduce the execution time required for generating these reports and there by improving the overall speed of execution and performance of the reports.Working on different Qlikview features features like linked objects, Associative search, Mekko charts, etc
    Strong understanding on BI architecture
    Understanding of different type BI tools using ROLAP & MOLAP
    Maintain security and controls and access
    Maintain admin documentation
    Upgrade / Configuring of software
    Generate report of activity
    Creation of folder structures to standards

       QQlickview 11, 9, SQL Server 2008-R2 / 2012, T-SQL, SSRS, Oracle

Current Project Details :           

Project Name         : Report/ Dash board  Development in Qlikview ,  SSRS and SQL Server 2012         
Client  :          
Client name         
Size                        : 8         
Role                      : Team Leader 
Previous Project Details :
Project #1
Project Name         : ERP Development & Customization.
Client                     :
client name
Size                        : 3
Duration                :
Role                      : Team Leader
            Client information  will come here     Responsibilities:ü  Understanding the Requirement Specifications.ü  Created profiles, groups and users.ü  Assigned various access level securities for users and groups.ü  Developing the New Packing list module Like Roles, Bundle & Pallet.ü  Multi level packing system to export Finish Product to various Countries.ü  Created reports using various tables, views and T-SQL.
  • Responsible for making the team to have complete understanding about the system.
  • Analyzing the critical problem and providing the appropriate solutions to the team members.
  • Designed various types of reports with Complex Formulas, Custom Functions,
  • Designed reports with conditional formatting, Sorting and Running Totals, Variables, Arrays.
  • Designed the Scheduled reports based on conditions and designed report with Alerts and Parameters Designed report with Group, Groups selection and Summary Group report.
  • Unit Testing and Performance Tuning of all the report in order to reduce the execution time required for generating these reports and there by improving the overall speed of execution and performance of the reports.
Environment: Qlikview, Oracle,  SQL Server 2008,  Windows 2007 Server Project #2Project Name         :Size                        :

Duration                :

Role                      : Sr. Developer



  • Gathered the requirements from the customer, evaluating the requirements, explaining and distributing the work to team members, Implementation, testing and release.
  • Developing the price list Module as per LME.
  • Update the System on weekly base of pricelist & consolidate the data to be revision.
  • Special production interface to be developed as per customization of weighment of copper.
  • Created reports from multiple data sources and created the custom functions extensively for generating reports.
  • Analyzed and explored reports using slice and dice and drill down functionality.
  • Performance improvement of the database by creating database objects like materialized views, table indexes and partitions.
  • Performance improvement of the SQL/reports by creating optimized queries. 
Environment: Visual FoxPro, SQL Server2005, Windows 2000 Server
_____________________________________________________________________________________Technical Skills:

  • Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows NT, Windows 9x- 2k,XP.
  • Applications: Business Intelligence Tool(QlickView),  MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),SSRS, SSIS, Crystal Report, Informatica Power Center
  • Database: Oracle, MS. Access, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro.
  • Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, C#.


Personal Details :

Full name                :

Address                  :

Mobile                     :

DOB                       :

Gender                   :

Passport No.

Language Known      :

Current CTC             :


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